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Build a sleek rowboat that can travel challenging coastal waters, carry your whole family, and even win races. Create your own boat from our detailed plans, an economical way to produce a stunning vessel.Build your drop in sliding seat system and sculling oars. Explore some of the places Colin and Julie have rowed on their adventures.

Wooden Sculling Oars Sliding Seat and Rigger RowCruiser
If you’ve spent months building a gorgeous wooden rowing vessel, a pair of gleaming varnished sculling oars are the icing on the cake. The shaft is constructed to the same specs that have been developed by top engineers, and tried and tested for decades in the competitive racing world. We have tweaked the blade shape and design to simplify construction and spent months dissecting the build process to create a simple step-by-step method that can be accomplished by first time oar builders. Our full-sized plans are printed on a 10’ x 3’ sheet and are accompanied by a 27-page illustrated manual. Our seat/rigger system provides a robust system of propelling your vessel that we have tested with over 10,000 miles of rowing, often in extreme conditions, without failure. The RowCruiser offers comfortable sleeping accommodation for one person without sacrificing performance. This boat moves at about the same speed as a sea kayak, and will travel comfortably in rougher waters. This boat makes multi-day excursions extremely simple; drop the anchor and retire into the comfortable cabin when you’re tired. The Sailing RowCruiser is the most versatile boat we offer.  We have taken the basic RowCruiser hull (a versatile boat on its own, which provides sleeping accommodation and impressive rowing performance) and added a performance sailing rig with planing amas (outriggers) and a ketch rig.  The result is a boat that can sail up to 11 or 12 knots, or be rowed for hours on end in calm conditions at about 4 knots.