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Build a sleek rowboat that can travel challenging coastal waters, carry your whole family, and even win races. Create your own boat from our detailed plans, an economical way to produce a stunning vessel.Build your drop in sliding seat system and sculling oars. Explore some of the places Colin and Julie have rowed on their adventures.

Expedition Rowboat Cambridge Racer Oxford Wherry
Sailing Conversion Plans
Our Price (USD): $119.00
Oxford Wherry Kit
Our Price (USD): $1,299.00
This 18 ft rowboat is our flagship model. It is seaworthy, fast (can sprint over 13 km/hr), comfortable and is capable of carrying supplies for a month-long unsupported expedition. The decked hull keeps water out in rough weather and it tracks well in all conditions. This is the vessel that we used in a 7000-km-journey from the north of Scotland to Syria. The Cambridge Racer is a performance rowing shell designed specifically for speed. It is fastest in calm conditions, however, is shaped to perform well in open water conditions for advanced rowers. The Sailing Conversion plans converts a canoe or rowboat into a sailing vessel. Originally designed for the RowCruiser, this system utilizes a trimaran setup that has been carefully designed so the sliding seat is not impeded by the amas (outriggers) or the sailing rig. The amas are shaped so that the buoyancy kicks in quickly, providing significant lift with moderate submersion. In addition, the bottoms are shaped to plane easily at low speeds, further reducing friction.
The Oxford Wherry combines elements of traditional beauty with modern design and construction to create a vessel that is not just gorgeous, but unbelievably functional.